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Pecket Well, United Kingdom

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Gorbunovka, Russian Federation

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Blue Rocks, Australia

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53, female, Widowed

Glasgow, United Kingdom

I'm an Brit bornAnglo-Vietnamese woman with a good sense of humour, I consider myself quite intelligent and quick witted. I see the humorous side of practically everything but due to severe nerve end pain do have my ups and downs. I like Cosmology & Astronomy and love the pictures captured by the Hubble telescope. I watch TV, mainly the mini-series like 24, Lost, Criminal Minds & the Law and Order series. I like a few documentaries and some of the stand up comedy programmes as well. I watch movies a lot, my favourites being the Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Road Trip and Serendipity. I also relate to the character played by Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky caught in a Living Dream. I'm reasonably slim but have started getting a bit of a belly. I like lateral thinking for example: If a cat always lands on it's paws and a piece of toasts always lands butter side down what happens when you tie a piece of toast, butter side up, to the back of a cat and drop it?

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57, male, Single

Raleigh, United States

am seong chao bright, from Indonesia school in Korea and Holland, leave in united state, an engineer and MC, love traveling and meeting new friends

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52, male, Divorced

Hamilton, Australia

Holidays in Cambodia in Nov. looking for nice young girl to show me around.. want to hang out and travel with this girl and have lots of fun. Will pay for all good and drinks and buy gifts.

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34, male, Single

Sao Paulo, Brazil

i am not good talking about my self but I Love Punk.Rock, Metal, cook, concerts, visit places and travel. could be better with company. I lived for a time in Ireland was a fantastic experiencie and i am thinking about back to europe soon.

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30, male, Single

Doutchi Koura, Qatar

From Scotland living in doha , working in fitness !

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Balbriggan, Leinster, Dublin, Ireland

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