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Lucan, Ireland

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Dublin, Ireland

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Letterkenny, Ireland

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Dublin, Ireland

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Portlaoise, Ireland

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Abbeyfeale, Ireland

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Swords, Leinster, Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin Airport, Ireland

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32, female, Single

Cosenza, Italy

if you 're not about something serious don't message me am not interested in hookups and running you down to talk to me either, I am who I am, loving, caring, sharming, educated, i love playing music, singing and dancing especially In a cool moments.

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69, male, Widowed

Metolius, United States

I am Honest Loving Caring Daring Decent Kind Hearted Considerate Open Minded Understanding And Loyal Self Confident Intellectual Trust worthy Down earth to every one in life and generous laugh with any one to make people happy and lifely,I am a hopeless Romantic! I have gray eyes, salt 'n'peper hair and am very athletic. I am new online now and i`m in search of my Soul & Dream Mate,Lover,Wife and Life Companion,let me give you a brief introduction of me,i`m an American Born Irish,But my mom was an Irish woman,born in Dublin. On a moments notice I can be off on an adventure.

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44, female, Single

Dikrech, Luxembourg

New to Luxembourg and would love to meet new people. Not interested in casual hookups so only if you are serious please. We all have limited time.

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31, female, Single

Wildwood, United States

Im a artistic soul who loves to read, write, paint, dance, and draw. I love to create new recipes especially desserts. I will listen to almost anything although i prefer neofolk, country, bluegrass, Symphonic metal, etc. my fav bands are omnia, blackmore's night, rammstein, evanescence, etc. I love watching movies of all genre if it catches my attention. My fav food is pizza, chocolate, black label mountain dew, and irish black tea, tacos with sourcream. i love reading books and particularly horror and romance.

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41, female, Single

Nashville, United States

I'll say this much "Show me who you are and I'll tell you who I am "....A man's ego and pride will have him run through a red light. A woman's fears and insecurities will have her stopping at a green one. A lot of us are so use to BS and games that we don't even know how to genuinely connect with one another anymore. She got played so she avoids getting close. He got played so now all he does is play games. Why is it that we are more concerned on how we got hurt than how to be happy? The only thing most of us are learning from the pain is more excuses..and some of us could be so great for each other if we just 'man up' and face things. I don't think Love is hard. People are just difficult.!!!! #Truth .... With that said just want someone that's them self good bad and ugly ... And keep the games and the run around to yourself cause I don't have time, if your not about something serious don't message me am not interested in hookups and running you down to talk to me either

Irish Hookups - Irish Hookups - Irish H - Irish Dating

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Letterkenny, Ireland

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Balbriggan, Ireland

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Balbriggan, Ireland

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Swords, Ireland

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Saggart, Ireland

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Castlenock, Leinster, Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin Airport, Ireland

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Palmerstown, Ireland

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Palmerstown, Ireland

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Ballinteer, Ireland

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Dundalk, Ireland

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Castlenock, Ireland

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Balbriggan, Ireland

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Baldoyle, Ireland

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Adrigole, Ireland

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Castlebar, Ireland


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