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29, female, Single

Tampa, United States

Currently going to school to become a paramedic and fire fighter. Just finished EMT school. I love to work, cycle, run, walk, lift weights, be creative, draw, like to learn and keep an open mind. I believe that a relationship with God is the most importaint decision anyone can make, and that it need to be a personal decision. It is very important to love God, have perseverance, be 100% honest, show kindness and to feel a calling to serve and show kindness.

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35, female, Single

Cape Girardeau, United States

Hello, My name is Deandra, and I have been a registered nurse for 3 years now. I love my job in the hospital and do the best I can to take excellent care of my patients. Now I want to find someone to take care of me! I'm here looking for a long-term relationship. I'm a very easy-going, hard working, compassionate, and reliable person. I am the best person to come to advice to and am the rock in many of my personal relationships. I also appreciate dry wit and humor. I don't have children, but would like at least one someday. Currently I am back in school working on my BSN and would eventually like to go for my FNP. If any of this sounds interesting to you, message me!

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41, male, Single

Taman Kamariah, Malaysia

i am doing business,most of my time spending on business,never enjoyed my life.It continues,but i need a personal life as well

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37, female, Single

Duluth, United States

I'm looking for a long term relationship that begins with honesty and integrity. I refuse to tolerate lies. How can you have a love, relationships of trust with lies? You can not. I have not had much success lately in relationships. I try to put it all on the table and be myself. I want my true soulmate. One that I feel at home with, and we all mesh. I learned to forgive and not judgmental. I want more resentment or regret. I think these two "r" words hold my personal growth. I have a great sense of humor and love making people laugh and feel comfortable around me. I think if I can make someone laugh or even smile that I just added to their quality of life and the world around us. If I go to a party or some type of function and see someone alone, I will go over to that person and introduce myself and start a conversation. I want someone to do the same for me. This does not usually happen though. People are afraid. I find that when I make the first move, people are so sensitive and friendly. I love it

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43, female, Single

Beruniy, United States

don't want to define myself by few words or adjectives but I will say that humour, open mind, humility and warmth are qualities I appreciate most that I'm down to earth lady ,I am here to find a friend, lover and soulmate, for a new wonderful relationship....please write me and drom your personal contact if I'm what you want

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