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36, male, Single

Golf, United States

While it is pretty simple for me, sometimes, to write a song, I am curious as to what kind of comfort I can get if my collaborator happened to be a young woman which could lead to an eventual relationship of some sort beyond a hobby of a partnership. I am Merrick, a man of almost 30 years old who would place himself in the "new" section of any dating retail store. While I may have dimples, a welcome amount of facial hair, and this ability to write poems and song lyrics, I've never been able to enter the dating circuit. To think that a man who loves romantic comedies, The Beatles, as examples of my interests could be able to go for so long without being "date bait", well it should be a little bit obvious. My first love has always had to do with the world of computer gaming. I was one of those faux-nerds who started playing Super Mario Brothers decades ago, and got hooked to the whole industry, basically. I even won a contest to put one of my songs into a downloadable game, I have part of my contract at my place still.....I also am affected by a more well-known neurological disorder known as AS, or Asperger's Syndrome, which is a higher functioning form of what is commonly known as Autism. While the effects of such a disorder range from an inability to verbalize, to unusual verbal behavior, I, myself, am not completely accustomed to this kind of reaction from others around me. Half of the time, anybody near would think that I am a "neurotypical" as the experts in the community would say. Still, I do deal with the unusual wiring in my brain which can create such good art. So that is why I've been a pure quantity for years. Will it change?

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46, male, Married

Adams Stream, United Arab Emirates

Only dating - beauty and ugliness lies in character but not in physical look

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53, male, Married

Chesira, Kenya

I am 46 year old working in Logistics & Shipping based in Mombasa Kenya. I am married but looking hope you will understand me i dont want to hide.I am looking for an open relatioship with singles of age 35 and above.

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24, male, Single

Philo, United States

I like singing, dancing, running, writing, and eating. I want to meet singles and hopefully get a date and see if it works out. Let me know what your hobbies are please.

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42, male, It's Complicated

Belawan II, Indonesia

simple man, like joking, smiling face, trying to find someone to makes friend, dating or anything that can make better living. hope to find someone here

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