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33, male, Single

Darlington, United Kingdom

Hi to anyone reading this I thought I'd try being honest cause there is plenty of men and women out there getting into relationships with someone they either can't handle it or aren't able to understand. So first things first I'm a long term sufferer of depression and anxiety (since childhood) for reasons I won't get into on here, I take medication and attend therapy for my depression. There has been a few incidents in the past where self harm has been a big part of my life, six months ago I broke up with my ex (seven year relationship) and I have had a very hard time adjusting without having something stable in my life. I do have children who don't live with me, I have three girls and a step son so anyone that ends up being interested or involved with me have to be willing to do the whole "he has kids" thing, I really can't stress how important that is to me I love my children and the last thing I want is for someone to develop a bond with them and then for things to not work out. I'm very big on computers and gaming I suppose thats okay I guess but I have been known to use it as a escape from anything stressful, I'm very loving at times but sometimes I struggle to show it, to be honest even typing this has been a struggle (because of the anxiety). I am a smoker but I do want to quit I also drink sometimes but can't drink a lot because of the medication i'm on, I am quite a bit overweight but I do want to work on that at some point. Basically there are a load of things in my life I need to work on and the whole meeting new people, dating and socialising is one of them, The truth is I don't want to do the whole messing around thing, I'm 27 and this might be weird for a guy to say but I want to meet new people whether its people that know what having depression is like and can understand it or not, I want to have a good time and maby fall in love with someone who can love me in return. I apologize this is so long this is me i guess thank you for reading.

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30, male, Single

Jackson, United States

World traveller looking for a country to return to. Between my work and my hobbies, I'm covering much of the globe, and am looking to make friends in every country I go to

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38, male, Married

Nadakavu, India

Architect and a traveller looking out for casual dates

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40, female, Single

Grimsby, United Kingdom

I'm very family orientated and spend most of my free time with them. I enjoy getting together with the girls for a good gossip and a glass of wine.

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42, male, Single

BARC, India

Am a fun loving traveller with loads of love in my heart which will be showered to the one i will marry... awaiting serious relationship...

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