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34, male, Single

Costilla, United States

I am honest, moral and religious. I don't smoke drink or do drugs. Someone would describe my personality as loyal and brave. I'm usually not afraid to say what I think, which is usually positive. I'm usually very happy yet wise and intelligent. I love to take risks and explore new places. I manage an office building and am in graduate school working on a second business degree.

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50, male, Married

Tricha, Thailand

I see Thailand and I am familiar with this type of society. I have rights for German citizenship, but I am not fond of living in Germany. Seattle and Vancouver are very nice. I think that I have a chance to own property in Ireland but it may require a lawyer. My family was displaced from Ireland over a century ago. Although I am from New Jersey people elsewhere in the USA are amazed that a person from the State of New Jersey is kind. It would have been lovely not to have been displaced from the Emerald Island a century ago, but that is fine, but it would be nice to find a home. My family has a history of being displaced for thousands of years but we seem to succeed everywhere we go. I have no desire to achieve success in Thailand. I want to leave this place and I understand what the problems are. I have decided never to raise awareness on what the problem is exactly. Many westerners are not happy in Thailand. I have enough knowledge in social psychology that it is obvious Cambodia is the best country in South East Asia for a westerner to be comfortable with the nationals. I have not been to Cambodia, but with the help of research it is easy to see that Cambodia is a quality country.You may find being a friend of myself to be very beneficial for the both of us.

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51, male, Single

Salt Lake City, United States

i am an easy going person that like to be honest, straight forward and cheerful in life, i enjoy both indoors and outdoors activities and like to be down to earth

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43, female, Divorced

Bigfork, United States

Meeting someone in the medical field would be cool. I like hearing all those crazy stories. Im all for taking kayaks out or fishing by the river. Spontaneous beach trips. Waterfront dinners i think are my favorite. And if all goes well. I have 2 beutiful children which are my world. We are always looking for some new adventure and would eventuality like to share with someone.

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32, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

Talk about myself. Wow one of my favorite subject. Well not really in fact I like to get to know

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